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Hail To My Coptic Church Lyrics

1- Hail to my Coptic Church, my pretty Lord's bride

Who welcomes us any time with arms open wide,

We come in to enjoy the treasure stored inside.

2- After two great saints, my church got her name:

St. George the Prince of Martyrs, always carried the flame,

Archimandrite Anba Shenouda, we love him just the same.

3- The angels of my church, bearers of the staff,

Our dear presbyters who care for us and serve,

Lord accept their prayers raised on our behalf.

4- On my way to church I gladly pray my psalms;

As I long to your courts, and my hearts hums.

The swallow has found a nest, here my soul calms.

5- Graciously preserve His Holiness our Pope,

Pontiff Shenouda the third, we lift our hearts up,

Lord listen to our prayers, our eyes do hope.

6- Grant that he remains many years on his throne,

Preaching Your word in truth, and working for union,

With his guidance may all the churches become one.

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