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God Loves A Cheerful Giver Lyrics

R- God Loves a Cheerful Giver

Give it all you've got,

He loves to hear you laughing

when your in an awkward spot.

When the odds add up against you,

It's time to stop and sing,

Praise God, to praise Him is a joyous thing.

1- Peter always made a fuss

Peter was impetuous

He knew hard times when he denied his Lord.

But hardly had he fallen

When he sat right up began again,

Christ named him the rock,

As his reward.

2- Jonah was a gloomy sort

He always had a sad report

He ran from God, he ran and he set sail.

His journeys end was quiet abrupt,

A fish came by and swallowed him up,

He spent three dark and dreary days

Inside a whale.

3- Holy Job was richly blessed

He lost it all but stood the test

For Job was steadfast in his misery.

God gives to me, he takes away

Blessed be the name of God this day

And he was doubly blessed for his fidelity

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