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God Is Love Lyrics

1- God is love, He's love: (2)

Heaven and earth declare His wondrous acts,

The oceans, mountains and valleys (2)

Are some of His marvelous works. (2)

2- God is Love, He's Love: (2)

His Word said "Let there be" and it was.

In His likeness He created man, (2)

He made him the crown of universe. (2)

3- God is Love, He's Love: (2)

His mercies provide all our supplies,

By Him we live, in Him we die, (2)

To Him in distresses we fly. (2)

4- God is Love, He's Love: (2)

With compassion and mercy He seeks man.

His love goes after the lost lamb (2)

To save his soul and bring him back. (2)

5- God is Love, He's Love: (2)

The blood of His Son redeemed all of us

At Golgotha on Friday noon, (2)

Our Lord was nailed to the cross. (2)

6- God is Love, He's love: (2)

My heart sings the joy of His presence.

The angels and the heavenly powers, (2)

Declare He is the Lord of Hosts. (2)

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