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God Gave His Son Lyrics

I know Christ died that all might live
That all men might be free.
But do I think to tell myself
That Jesus died for me?

"Hosanna to the Lord of Hosts",
with all the rest I cried.
But I was too the first to say:
"He must be crucified".

And from my mouth came spit so vile
that trickled down His brow.
I screamed those angry mocking words
I taunted with the crowd.

Mine was the hand that held the nail
that bit through bone and flesh.
I rammed the cross into the ground
I gave Him up to death.

Oh mine dear Lord
mine was the guilt, mine was the load of pain.
You carried right to Calvary
That I might live again.
I see the love-marks on You now,
Your hands, Your feet, Your side.
I know Lord 'twas my lack of love
that had You crucified.

There's nothing I can do my Lord,
To pay back what you've done.
But I need your forgiveness Lord.
Lord, to your feet I come.

Lord I believe You died for me
To save me from my sin.
I'm sorry Lord for all I've done
Come cleanse me now within.
I praise you for your gift of grace
that I can never earn.
Lord, I don't want to sin again.
O help me Lord to learn.

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