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Glorious Coptic Church Lyrics

1- Glorious Coptic Church, Christ's Holy Body,

Is a nave, chorus of deacons and a sanctuary.

2- Sanctuary is separated by an iconstasis,

Inside is the altar there Abouna serves the Eucharist.

3- The sanctuary is the Holiest place like the Holy of Holies,

On its altar we see the paten, ark and chalice.

4- Incense, candles, lights and saints' icons,

Every time I pray, I ask their intercessions.

5- To the west side, there is the baptismal font,

Babies get baptized then proceed to the front.

6- The Baptism is followed by the Holy Chrismation,

We get 36 anointments for confirmation.

7- I never partake of Holy Communion,

Unless I confess and get the absolution.

8- Offering of the Lamb is done in cooperation,

Of Abouna and deacons praying Kirye-layson.

9- We join in prayer as Abouna selects a Lamb,

Out of 3 or 5 or 7 orbanas.

10 Holy Orbanas are known also as 'oblations'

"Remember them O Lord and by whom they were offered."

11 Each Orbana bears crosses and inscription,

Pierced with 5 holes to remind us of holy passions.

12 Mass starts with the prayer of Reconciliation,

And it concludes with the Benediction.

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