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Four Gospels Lyrics

1- Four Gospels which tell us

About the life of Jesus:

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,

Hos erof arihu-u itshesf.

2- The Acts of our Apostles,

One epistle to the Romans,

First and Second Corinthians,

Hos erof arihu-u itshesf.

3- Galatians and Ephesians,

Philippians, Colossians,

First and Second Thessolonians,

Hos erof arihu-u itshesf.

4- Two epistles to Timothy,

One to Titus and one to Philemon,

Hebrews and one of James,

Hos erof arihu-u itshesf.

5- The epistle by Peter,

And three by John the Apostle,

The last one is written by Jude

The apostle and cousin of our Lord.

6- From James to Jude are Catholicon

The last book is the Revelation

Written by St. John in Patmos

Hos erof arihu-u itshesf.

7- Let us gather to praise the Lord

For His mercy to us;

He gave us His word to live with,

Hos erof arihu-u itshesf.

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