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Fasting And Praying Lyrics

 +--------------- Refrain ---------------+
| |
| Alleluia Alleluia |
| Alleluia Alleluia |
| Jesus by whom all things were made |
| For us He fasted and He prayed |
| |

The glory of these fourty days
We do celebrate with songs of praise
Grant us O Lord a heart all new
Flowing with love and peace from You.

+ + +

To You I pray; have pitty on me
be gracious and answer my plea.
Do not withhold Your face from me
Forgive my sins and set me free.

+ + +

Happy are those forgiven by God
Their sins blotted out by the Savior's blood.
Have Mercy Lord and wash me clean
Like white snow let my spirit be.

+ + +

To You O Lord I offer my soul
In You my God I place my trust.
Look down on me, have mercy O Lord
Forgive my sins, behold my grief.

+ + +

You are my joy, my refuge and strength
With all my heart I praise You, Lord.
My soul will sing, my heart will rejoice
Your blessings O God will fill my days.

+ + +

[   ]

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