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Coptic New Year's Day Lyrics

1- Welcome, welcome, welcome back

Coptic new year's day.

You remind us of martyrs

Sacrificing all the way.

Gave up the world, the whole world

For the sake of Christ.

Their lives were an oblation

For Him who died.

R- For the sake of Christ, for the sake of Christ,

Gave up the world, the whole world

For the sake of Christ.

2- With hope, sincere love,

By prayers and faith,

They offered their lives

To the King of Peace.

Neither life nor money meant a thing

Beauty nor big name nor any other thing.

3- They loves Jesus Christ

And welcomed death,

They became our history's

Glorious wealth.

Some of them even sacrificed life and died

Faithfulness to our Lord Christ cannot hide.

4- Undivided faith

As a solid mustard seed,

Unconquered love

As strong as death

Could only withstand trials and pain,

And consider death to the world a real gain.

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