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Christ Came For Us Lyrics

1- Christ came for us, died for our sins,

On the holy cross, Shere Pi Estavros.

2- His love is so great, He took our shape,

And walked on our earth, Shere Pi Estavros.

3- He died on the cross, and conquered death,

This is my bliss, Shere Pi Estavros.

4- The cross is my life, strength and strife,

With it I am alive, Shere Pi Estavros.

5- Our holy saints, held to their faith,

With the sign of the cross, Shere Pi Estavros.

6- Mountains were moved, the dead were raised,

As our Lord promised, Shere Pi Estavros.

7- I am their son, I go like them,

Honor my cross, Shere Pi Estavros.

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