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After Confession Lyrics

1- I love you my gracious Lord (2)

My most Holy ONE,

You've washed my heart as white as snow (2)

With the Blood of Your SON.

2- You forgave all my sins O, Lord (2)

And held reconciliation,

On me You put a bright new robe, (2)

The robe of salvation.

3- You freed me from captivity Lord, (2)

The captivity of Satan;

Away You cast my transgressions (2)

Into forgetfulness.

4- Far as the east is from the west, (2)

Lord, You put away my sins.

You've omitted my iniquities (2)

As though nothing was done.

5- You have dispersed my sins O, Lord (2)

As a cloud would disperse;

Through the grace of Your Only Son,

I got the perfect peace.

6- With every breath I bless You, (2)

Soul and body in accord;

All praise and worship are due (2)

To my beloved Lord.

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