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Abona Lyrics

1- Dear abouna, I love you,

Because you are the one who

Can know me and call my name,

And bless me when I come to you.

2- After the name of the saint,

Martyr, confessor, prophet,

A precious name, O abouna,

Was given when you're ordained.

3- Abouna, that helps remind

Of a life sanctified.

Their intercessions and your prayers

Are accepted to our Lord.

4- The wisdom has built her house,

Hewn out her seven pillars; (Prov. 9:1)

Seven sacraments abouna

Serves them for our sake.

5- Prayers for the perfect peace,

The safety of every place

With the raising of incense,

Matins, vespers, and in mass.

6- Whenever I go around,

I remember how you sound

In sermons, but most of all,

By your example I'm bound.

7- Like a faithful good shepherd

You work hard to restore us.

Into the shed we get together,

And be happy with our Lord.

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