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Coptic Synaxarium (Coptic Orthodox Calendar)

28 Toot
(The Twenty-Eighth Day of the Blessed Month of Tute)


The Martyrdom of Saints Abadir (Apater) and Eraee (Herai), His Sister

On this day, Sts. Abadir (Apater) and Eraee (Herai), his sister, the children of Wasilides, the minister of Antioch, were martyred. Abadir was appointed Esfeh-selar (a high ranking governmental position) in his father's position. He had a room wherein he prayed and the Lord Christ appeared to him in the middle of the night and told him: "Rise up and take your sister Eraee, and go to Egypt to receive the crown of martyrdom and I will instruct a man whose name is Samuel to take care of your bodies and prepare them for burial." He bid him peace then went up into heaven. This vision was seen by his sister also, in which she was told, "Hearken to your brother and do not transgress his command." When she woke up, she trembled, and she went to her brother and told him about the vision, declaring that she would not disobey him. They vowed to each other to go and shed their blood in the Name of the Lord Christ.

    When his mother knew that, she and her handmaidens rent their garments, and came to St. Abadir. His mother pleaded with him not to become a martyr. He promised her that he would not go forward to Diocletian seeking martyrdom. Her heart was soothed, not knowing his intention of going somewhere else to become a martyr.

    Every night he used to change his apparel and go disguised to give water to the prisoners and minister to them all night, and he asked the door-keeper not to tell anyone.

    Later on, he saw a vision to remind him of travelling. He took his sister and went to Alexandria,  then they came to Cairo. They met St. Abekragon who recognized them and blessed them. From there they came to Tomwah where they entered the church and prayed in it. Then, they went to El-Ashmunin where they met with Samuel the deacon. The following day Samuel went with them to Ansena, and they confessed our Lord Christ before Arianus the governor, who tortured them severely. Meanwhile, Saint Abadir prayed and entreated God to strengthen his faith and the faith of his sister Eraee. The Lord took their souls and carried them up to the heavenly Jerusalem and they saw the eminent ranks and the luminous habitations of the righteous; then he brought them back to their bodies.

    The governor wrote their decree and then adjured Abadir by his God to tell him his name and who he was. The saint replied, "Swear to me that you shall not change what you have decreed," and when the governor swore to him, he said, "I am Abadir El-Esfeh-selar." The governor cried out, saying, "Woe to me, 0 my Lord why did you not let me know that you are my Lord and let me go so far as to condemn you to all these severe tortures?" The saint replied, "Fear not, for you are about to receive the crown of martyrdom. The emperor will seek me and will not find me, and he will hear that you have killed me. Then he will call you, torture you and you will die in the Name of our Lord Christ. And now hasten to finish us." Straightaway the governor ordered that their heads be cut off. The believers wrapped up their bodies in fine apparels and Samuel the deacon took them to his house until the days of persecution were ended and a great church was built for them.

Their intercession be for us, and Glory be to our God, forever. Amen.                     Divider

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