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Christmas Fast & The Nativity of Jesus Christ


1 The Glorious Feast of Nativity: 7 January or 25 December? Fr. John Ramzy
2 God's Continuing Love Enfleshed Bishop Youssef
3 Incarnation of the Word - Full Book Saint Athnsious
4 The First Coming...Preparation for the Second Coming Bishop Yousef
5 The Genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ Bishop Yousef
6 The Nativity of Christ: A New Covenant Bishop Youssef
7 Incarnation of the Word Jesus Bishop Youssef
8 The Shepherd of Shepherds Bishop Youssef
9 The Star of Bethlehem Bishop Youssef
10 Wise Men Still Seek Him Bishop Youssef
11 The Need for the Incarnation  

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