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Free Coptic Icons
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    These icons are free to use and distribute as long as you keep the copyright on them..
    How to use? To change the default icon for "My Computer" for example, do the following:


1- right click anywhere on the desktop
2- choose "Properties"
3- click the "Effects" tab
4- choose the folder you want to change from: My Computer, My Documents, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin (full), or Recycle Bin (empty)
5- click on "Change icon" button
6- browse to the folder where you extracted the Coptic Icons Pack©

Password (included in the zip file) is:

Divider! Coptic Icons Package - 02
Free Coptic Icons Packages - 02  / - Egypt
Icons included in this package:
  1. Anba Pachom

  2. Father Abdel Mesih El-Makary

  3. Saint Pashnouna the Archimandrite

  4. Jesus

  5. Jesus - Coffin image

  6. Jesus - on the cross

  7. The Holy Family (Virgin Mary - St. Joseph - Baby Jesus) -1

  8. Jesus the king of kings

  9. Jesus

  10. The Holy Family (Virgin Mary - St. Joseph - Baby Jesus) -2

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